Emergency and/or Extended Care

  • WhatoExpect

    Over the Phone Medical Assistance

    Because of the serious and sensitive nature of emergency and critical care veterinary medicine, the emergency service at Burrard Animal Hospital does not give medical diagnoses or advice over the phone…

  • bb

    Medical Fees

    We do not charge an Emergency Fee to be seen by our Veterinarians! Each patient is charged a consultation / exam fee only that covers the doctor’s initial examination and…

  • CompleteMedicalAssesment


    Soon after your arrival a veterinary technician will assess your pet and discuss the case with the veterinarian. Patients will then be seen as soon as possible in order of…

  • MyPet

    Being Transferred From Your Veterinarian

    24 hour constant monitoring of your pet is a crucial component in the treatment of many diseases, and Burrard Animal Hospital can care for your pet around the clock. Your…

  • ContinuousCare

    Continuous Care

    We handle our own emergencies, so we can provide your pet with continuous patient care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

  • 24HourIntensiveCare

    Intensive Care Unit

    Pets with serious and life-threatening medical and surgical conditions are treated in our 24 hour Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Our Intensive Care staff are responsible for caring for a wide…

  • 24HourEmergency

    24-Hour Emergency Service

    We offer 24-hour Emergency Service with a full-time staff of veterinarians & support staff of veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants and receptionist. With a staff focused on the practice of Emergency and…