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“Nala” Lee

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Burrard Animal Hospital + Emergency’s May Patient of the Month is a cute and cuddly feline named Nala Lee. Nala came to us in March as a transfer from another animal hospital in critical condition. She had not eaten for days and was showing signs of respiratory distress. Her owners had seen her vomit up a piece of hair elastic a few days previous, and they were encouraged by their referring clinic to pursue further diagnostics and continue IV fluid therapy.

That same day, Nala received a double cavity ultrasound where it was determined she had an enlarged heart as well a foreign body obstruction. During her hospitalization, Nala was placed in our Snyder Unit to receive constant oxygen therapy to aid with her respiratory distress. After two days, once Nala was stable, she was able to go in for surgery. A small zipper pull was removed from her intestines, and she was able to begin her recovery.

One month later, Nala is doing well and her loving owners report she is once again looking for trouble…!
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