Jun 07 2015

“Johnny” Jones

June’s Patient of the month is a fluffy and boisterous Bearded Collie named Johnny Jones. Johnny was seen last month after sustaining an injury to one of his hind paws after taking a tumble down some stairs. When Johnny was seen by Dr. Kestleman, it was discovered that two of his paws appeared affected.  At this time his paws were clipped, cleaned and bandaged and he also received a dental cleaning at his owner’s request.
After another bandage change, Dr. Ong recommended a fungal and bacterial culture be performed to further investigate and determine the cause of Johnny’s odd continuing symptoms. When the results returned from the lab, it was determined that Johnny has a condition known as Lupoid Onychitis, an auto-immune disease that results in poor nail quality, nail loss, pain, itchiness and sometimes secondary infections.
After receiving his diagnosis, Johnny was placed on an extensive treatment plan to clear up the infections in his paws and help with his ongoing condition.
Johnny has remained a great sport throughout his treatment and his devoted owners have done absolutely everything in their power to keep him happy, healthy and comfortable.  We all have our paws crossed for his recovery!!

burrardanimal | Patient of the Month