Nov 17 2015

Foreign Body Endoscopy

This is Peppi! Peppi was seen late last week for vomiting. Her owners became concerned the night previous to her hospital visit, when she had a bit of a choking episode while chewing on a Bully Stick. She had radiographs taken at another hospital, and they had appeared quite normal other than some suspected oesophageal dilation. We hospitalized Peppi on IV fluids to provide her with some support while we further investigated her condition. After an ultrasound and endoscopy, we discovered that Peppi had what appeared to be a large chunk of rawhide lodged in her oesophagus. We removed the rawhide and Peppi was able to eat and drink normally just hours later. She went home that very evening! We all loved meeting this very special girl and her family that clearly loves her so very much!


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